Brama garażowa garażu z płyty warstwowej

Segmental gate

In our garages, we install insulated, segmented garage doors with electric drive, controlled remotely with a remote control.

Gates are made by a reputable company.

Gate characteristics:

⦁ the leaf of the segmented gate is made of 40 mm steel panels. They are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam.
⦁ heat transfer coefficient lambda equal to 1,09 W/mK
⦁ sound insulation Rc = 23dB
⦁ door construction made of galvanized steel elements
⦁ door leaf moves along vertical and horizontal tracks on the ceiling
⦁ door is sealed all around
⦁ bottom panel is sealed with sealing to the ground
⦁ seal between upper panel and lintel is provided by seal which can be mounted on the upper panel or mounted on the lintel
⦁ panels are equipped with shaped protection to prevent fingers from jamming and seals in the contact area of two panels

Garage Equipment: