Sandwich panel garage

Sandwich panel insulated garage – We are a manufacturer of sandwich panel garages, offering a wide range of solutions for your needs. We make not only traditional one- and two-car garages, but also larger structures, such as halls and containers.

We work with clients both in Poland and in other parts of Europe.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panel garages, we are ready to provide you with a solid, durable and functional solution that will meet your expectations. Regardless of whether you need a single or double garage, a hall or a container, we can implement your project. Bet on our quality and experience in the production of sandwich panel garages!



Exterior profiles

When ordering our garage, you have a choice of five different types of exterior cladding. This allows you to easily match your garage to existing buildings.

Sheet metal work

obróbka blacharska
obróbka blacharska 2


In our garages walls and roof are made of solid and durable GSinsPIRe sandwich panel with S-type connector. Sandwich panel facings are made of galvanized steel sheet and then painted with polyester 25 microns thick. The core of the sandwich panel is filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3. Sandwich panel parameters: ⦁ Heat transfer coefficient lambda = 0.022 W/mK or GSinsPIRe MAX lambda = 0.019 W/mK ⦁ Sound insulation Rw = 23dB, Ra1 = 21dB, Ra2 = 20dB ⦁ Reaction to fire B-s1, d0 ⦁ Resistance to fire EI20 ⦁ Materials with no or very limited contribution to fire (NRO rating) ⦁ External profiles available M, F, L, M, G

Sandwich panels

In our garages we use only the best quality sandwich panels. This guarantees very good thermal insulation and fire properties. Thanks to that during summer the inside of the garage does not heat up to high temperatures and during winter keeps the heat inside.
Garaż ocieplany z płyty warstwowej firmy Garage Delux

Individual parameters

As a manufacturer of garages made of sandwich panels, we work with our clients to adjust the size, color and other parameters of the garage to their individual needs.
Our priority is to ensure full satisfaction of investors through personalized garage solutions.


To make insulated garages we use structures made of black steel sections. The whole structure is powder coated. The frame of the garage is adapted for assembly with the use of bolted joints.
garaż z płyty warstwowej - konstrukcja


The entire garage is finished with inside and outside flashing made of 0,5 mm thick metal sheet (colors according to your choice). As a garage manufacturer we know how important is tightness and precise workmanship that is why we take care to have minimum number of flashing joints (two joints at the side flashing of the roof). The length of flashings is matched to the dimensions of the garage.

Garage Equipment:


GARAGE DELUX is a manufacturer, therefore we are able to make any garage model, properly tailored to your needs and requirements. We make, among others, one- and two-slope garages, closed and open-shape garages, in various color versions.

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